viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Santiago good Placess

Hi classmathes and persons who visit my blog, today I’m talking about good places to visit in Santiago.

First of all, I tell you that the places I have to recommend are principally places where you can go to enjoy natural landscapes. This is because I think that is very important, in a contaminated city like Santiago, to find some places to be free of smog and see the natural beauty of the city.

The historic old town in center is beautiful. The old buildings and their architecture must to be visited. For example "The Museum of beauty arts" , The Presidential Palace "La Moneda", The Central House of University of Chile, and many public buildings (the ministry, etc).

First of all, I think tourist should go to Hill Pochoco in Lo Barnechea to climb and enjoy the trekking and nature. From the top of the hill, the tourist can have a spectacular view of almost of everything in Santiago. A panoramic view.
hen, the tourist should go to the historic old town to visit the places I mentioned earlier, and after that they can go the restaurant “Los Buenos Muchachos” in Av. Ricardo Cumming 1031, to eat one of the best Chilean food.
inally, The tourist should visit the “Barrio Bellavista” because is the center of the nocturnal life in Santiago. In this place are so many places to: Take a drink, see live music, go to dance different kind of music (cumbia, reggeaton, electronic,salsa, etc) or just enjoy a good place with friends.
I recommend “Patio Bellavista” to take a drink and eat something special and after that go to Salsoteca “La Maestra Vida”.

In brief:
1- Cerro Pocho in the morning
2- Old town
3- Restaurant Los Buenos Muchachos
4- Patio Bellavista
5- Salsoteca Maestra Vida.
gOODbye !

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