jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010


Hi classmates ! Well I gonna tell you about my experience in Pichilemu .
Last week I went to pichilemu on a field trip from the subject integrated coastal zone management. The main objective was analyze 3 areas of this city, the physical one (geomorphology, climate, hydrology ,etc) the economic area (the main economic activities) and the social area (cultural identity).

I worked on cultural identity through interviews and surveys to pichilemu's habitants in different places; on the coast and rural areas. The experience working in this scope was incredible ! I met a beautiful people and I learnt that Pichilemu’s identity isn’t only one, because the identity between different places change. All small towns have their own identity.

Apart from working, the fied trip was very interesting because we had time to enjoy the beach and share with us, we spent nights very funny !. I think the time we spent together was the best, specially because I found my twin soul: paty !

I had not gone to Pichilemu before, and I loved it! I think it's a beautiful place and is not heavily developed, making it a very pleasant place to live , away from the city's noises and contamination.For this, I will like live in Pichilemu

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Fernando's Blog : Think Fernando, Think !

Hi, today I'll talk about Fernando's blog

First of all, I tell you fernando is my classmate from the first year of university. He is very good person, and his girlfriend is so nice !.

The blog is white and green, I love this combination (my room is green and white) and has an interesting YouTube tool bar with videos. I like the colors and I love the music, so I think This blog is great, but would be better with more things.

His blog has only three photos, of a movie, a sport’s new and a cartoon, Pluto. He doesn’t have many post, only 14. Fortunately his sweet girlfriend writes each entry.

My favorite part of fernando’s blog, is his entry about music. He post about Blind Melon, I really like this band, and I like the song he chose to show “Pull”. I agree with his opinion about this song, I think the mixing of the different musical instrument is great to.

That's all, I hope fernando post more about good music.

Goodbye !