miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

Good Bye !

Hi classmates and Simon! I really like movies, so is very difficult to me talk about one movie. In last time I’ve seen many good films, like “Die well” a movie based on true events, about the power of dictatorships and “Nueces para el amor “a romantic movie with a strength political sense. But in this time, I don’t write about those ones.

I choose “Good bye Lenin” one of my favorite films. I saw for the first time in 2004, and I saw newly a couple of weeks ago. I was boring so I decided saw the movie one more time, and … Oh my god! I don’t mind having seen before, because I loved it like the first time.

Good bye Lenin is a German movie of 2004, they main actors are Daniel Brül, Katrin Khamatova and María Simón (like the teacher!), and the scenes were drawn in Berlin.

The story is set in 1990, in the context of the fall of Berlin wall, in other words, in the end of East Germany. A boy (Alexander), needs to protect his mother ( Christiane) because she is very fragile for a fatal shock after a long coma. Christiane, is a political leader of East Germany and the Berlin wall fall down while she was in coma. For this situation, her son try to make her believe the German Democratic Republic is alive.

I think that movie is a perfect reflection of the idealism of the age.

I hope you see the trailer !

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Technology: Mi cel phone !!

Hi, I think this topic is very boring and I don't want to write about them... but, what ever !

My favorite piece of technology is definitely My Cel phone Sony Ericsson W302.
I love it because with this thing I can:
- Make Calls
- Listen my favorite music ! ( the cel has 2 Gigas only for music!)
- Listen Radio ( a very handy tool in case of Earthquakes !)
- Play games
- Connect to internet
- See Calendar
- See World Clook
and many others things !!! Also, is confortable, because is very thin and I can carry it everywhere.

The first time that I used my celphone was eight month ago. I was so sick, I have in my body the terrible virus AHN1 ! “The pig’s Influenza “. My mother gives to me, because my last cel phone was stolen by stupid thief. I was so happy with them, after that I always carry with me.

I believe my life will be terrible without cel, I really need them, especially in Santiago travels ( in subway for example).
Good bye dear Bloggers…
I hope you’ll have a nice week.

pd: did you see the picture carefully ?? say what you see !