martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Only Clowns !

Hi, in these days the demonstrations are in fashion! that’s what is seems… but the problem is a bit bigger, the problem is our new government! Yes, because these year the political power is in wrong hands, in the hands of the same people who killed other people in dictatorship years ago.
The demonstrations are not only from students, are from public workers (hospital, education services, etc) because they aren’t agree with the new policies.
The student demonstration specifically, are for the new education policies that seeks to impose de new government, especially the education minister Joaquin Lavin who is one of the standards of the Chilean right wing.

It’s proposing a reform of university education, which aims mainly to the privatization of public universities as our beloved University of Chile, and that is why the demonstrations have been so strong on the part of students of this university. I’m completely agree with the demonstration, I've actually participated in student demonstrations, and ended up wet with the “guanaco water” and suffocated by tear gas without doing anything wrong!, only walking.
But, that isn’t all. The police have attacked our faculty (Faculty of Architecture and urbanism) with water cannons and tear gas for no reason! They have attacked the 15 tower to!

Here a video of that:

I think this situation is unbelievable, and shows how dictatorial management Piñera really is.

For all of this, I’m absolutely agree with the demonstration, despite the fact that by time I couldn’t participate 100%, and because I have participated before in education demonstration, specifically in the "revolution of penguins 2006" when I was lider of the orient zone.

Well.. that's my opinion..I hope you'll enjoy the photos and the video.