martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

an excelent show: Play the cumbia of Villa Cariñoo !!

Hi! How are you??

In this post, I will talk about a special show: The show of Villa Cariño about a month ago.

Villa cariño is a chilean band of cumbia, they played in galpón victor jara and I went with my friend Vicky, who loves Max (the vocalist of the band). We went to this show because we love cumbia, and we really like this band.

The day of the show (Friday) we were coming to the beach. Vicky and me were one week in Viña del Mar with our friends Fran, Vane, Isa and Chica. I spent all day in vicky’s house, and stayed there to sleep. We arrived to Santiago on Friday’s morning, and the show was in Friday’s night. That weeked was our last holyday weekend, and we needed to enjoy it !.

The show was amazing, the band played almost all the song we like! and we dance so much!! However we had a little problems such as I bought my ticket and I was in the list to enter free! I lost two valueable thousand pesos, our friend Vane couldn’t go with us and finally we have to arrive in Vicky’s house early ! For this reason, we couldn’t dance all night long. However , we enjoy the show very much!

The band played some songs of their new disc that isn't on sale yet, like “Para dormir contigo otra vez”, “ Ahora que te tengo” and “No”. The song “No” is a good song for today because talk about the negative to proyects that hurt the enviorment like Pascua Lama and Hidroaysén, and today de COREMA of Coquimbo approved a thermoelectric proyect in a protected coast zone .

Here is the soong !!