martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

I need go to Loondon !

Hi, how are you? I hope fine. Well, today I'm gonna talk about a good place in London. Is difficult to me talk about it, because I never have visit England.

But, when i read about different places, I really Like the British Museum

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Hi classmates, how are you? I Hope find :) . Today I will talking abou my favourite game when I was a child. When I remember my childhood one image come to my mind: the street, play all day in the street with my neighborhood friends.

One of my favourite games was jump on the bouncing ball or in the jumping pony, like in the video ! (an oto krauss comercial, otto kraus was an important toystore)

In my times (jaja, I'm so old) the kids played outdoor, no in computares like today. I really liked may older games, like: "The color chikens" " The Nations" " The Elastic" "Telex" " The poison bottle", etc. But my favourite game was " Tombo", I played all the time !!! whenever I Could !

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Five Lukas

Hello, how are you? I hope find. Well, definitely the greatest chilean of all time is NOT Gonzálo Cáceres. The greatest chilean of all time for me is Lucila Gody Alcayaga “Gabriela Mistral”

Gabriela mistral was an important writer and poet who won a nobel prize (one of the two chilean nobel prize winners). She was born on april 1889 and died on january 1957. She was not only a poet, she was too an important educator and diplomatic. She start teaching without professional title on a school in La Serena and to send contributions to the newspaper “El Coquimbo”. This shows the important spirit of social vocation of she, because she didn’t need a particulary study or obligation to participate in school and newspaper. She also developed a self-taught knowledge. After thar, she received the tittle of “Estate Teacher” without going to the Pedagogic institute of University of Chile. She was internationally recognized as a teacher, because the Mexican government requested her assistance to develop its education system.

She worked in many poor schools and became director of Numer 6 Highschool of Santiago. Gabriela mistral made great literary works with a strong critical and social meaning. She reflected her social vision through the poetry with beautiful metaphors. She also was secretary of one of the sections of League of Nations and of the institute of international cooperation. Gabriela was consul of Chile in Europe and Latin America cities.

I think the importance of Gabriela Mistral is her work like a teacher, her poetry was one of the forms to teach and show their world view, a way of reaching the social world.

She was pure appointment with chilean society and Great Poetry too: She was the first Latin american to win a Nobel Prize. Her literary work is inseparable of her social appointment. If I could ask anything to Gabriela Mistral I ask her: How contribute to solving the educational problems in Chile, in the context of neoliberal reforms? I’m sure she would have a good answer, a good proyect in her mind.
Goodbye classmathes!