martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Hi classmates, how are you? I Hope find :) . Today I will talking abou my favourite game when I was a child. When I remember my childhood one image come to my mind: the street, play all day in the street with my neighborhood friends.

One of my favourite games was jump on the bouncing ball or in the jumping pony, like in the video ! (an oto krauss comercial, otto kraus was an important toystore)

In my times (jaja, I'm so old) the kids played outdoor, no in computares like today. I really liked may older games, like: "The color chikens" " The Nations" " The Elastic" "Telex" " The poison bottle", etc. But my favourite game was " Tombo", I played all the time !!! whenever I Could !

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  1. HI! you have so much lucky becouse you haved neighbors friends, in my street only leave old people!


  2. woooo!!

    I love the otto kraus toys!! :D
    I have beautiful memories with this toys... my "saltarina", my red train, my "rosalba doll" jajajaa

    thanks Estefa, I remember wonderful memories of my childhood.