miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Music is Life

The most wonderfull thing in life is listen to music, I love it ! With music I feel that I can get easily connected to my inner being, my feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In this rainy day, the only thing I want is listen to music all day in my room, different kind of songs that reflecting the differents feeling I have inside.

Here, I show you some good songs.

First “Vuelos” by Bersuit, a song about a military dictator ship in Argentina

Now, another song of Bersuit: Murguita del Sur, that song is so powerful ! a Live version.

That was Bersuit.

Now, an amazing version of a song of Foo fighters: Times Like these, acoustic version. This song fully reflect wat I feel in this point in my life !
Enjoy it !!! Goodbyee

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


I love the World Cup, I’ve seen every game I could. I think all the teams, except Germany and Holand, have had a very deffensive game without a good show. The stars of soccer like England, France, Italy haven’t done a good job. In this context, I love the match of Chile versus Honduras, because was a very offensive game and were an exciting 90 minutes.

I Saw the game in my house with two friends (Viky and Fran) and with my brother Adrian. We saw it in a big size: we connected the game to a data show and we got an amazing image !! That made the game more exciting.
Viky, Fran and me, worked all night for university subjects and only sleept two hours! But the game gave us the necessary energy to wake up early in the morning. We cook pizza and lemon pie at 3 o’clock of the morning ! to have something special to enjoy the match.

Is very difficult for me choose only one player as “The best”, because I think a lot of players made a really good game. I really liked how played Matías Fernandez, Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Jean Beausejour and Gary Medel , because they helped the team to create gol situation. In the case of Medel, I think he was a very important player, because was very solid in the Chilean defense. I don’t think there has been a “worse” player, but definitely lacked a player like Chupete Suazo.

Finally, I don’t now if Chile can win the World Cup, because there are very good teams competing, and Chile haven’t many experience on world cup. At the moment, I hope Chile can pass to the second phase.

Good bye !

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010


Hi, I'm so exited because we are so close of the begginig of Soccer world cup, is comming on two days !!!! and there is only one week left to the Chilean debut!

Here is a Nike advertisement about world cup, is so good !!
Enjoy it and write the future...

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010


In general, I could say that I ‘ve had really good vacations in my life, but the ones I remember in a particular way are last summer’s vacations: January 2010.

Last summer, I visited the Chilean-Argentinian Patagonia. I had to work hard during the whole of 2009 in order to get the money for the trip, and it was worth it. I had planned those holidays months in advance, until I finally could do it. I visited the “Parque Nacional Argentino Los Glaciares”, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and Calafate.

One of the things I just loved about these vacations was that I could enjoy the stunning natural beauty of those amazing landscapes ... places where you can only get to after you walked long distances for hours! So, that was how i visited beautiful hills, rivers, glacier and many places that I hadn’t even heard of. It was a great experience and I will always remember it in a special way, because in this trip I felt that I was able to disconnect myself from my everyday life and from the routine of the city, and instead, I lost myself in the infinite of the natural, leaving the distractions behind.

Favorite Course

My favorite course this term is “Geologia de Campo 1, which is being given by the profesor Marcelo Farias. This course is not part of our curriculum. I am taking it with other 5 classmates in the faculty of Engenieering of Universidad de Chile, because it belongs to the carreer of Geology.

I have really enjoyed this course, because I have learned many new things that I think. Most of those things I have discovered are the ones I learned in the field trip, and I just loved the field trip! It was an amazing experience: We travelled to the North of Chile and stayed there for 10 days. The idea was to try to recreate the geological history of a specific zone, so this trip was an instance when I learned the most.

For example, I learned a lot about those structural proceses which form a determined RELIEVE. The work was really hard, and at a very fast pace, in fact, but it was very interesting and entertaining.

In general, I can say we have learned a lot so far, not only from the proffessor and his assistant, but also from our geology classmates, who have supported us with their help at the moment of dealing with those contents we aren’t so familiar with, as we are not geology students.

I think it was a very good idea to take this course. The fact that I get familiar with some notions about geology is going to be a useful tool which will definitely help me in my spatial research.

jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

Best Friend in the world

My best friend in the World is Natalie. She is practically like a sister to me. I met her when I was 3 and she was 6, we met in the street where we both live.
We didn’t get on well at first. Actually, I remember that we used to argue a lot , but as time went by, we became really close friends

When we were little we used to spend a lot of time together, we used to do everything together! Now, it ‘s different, because my classes at university keep me really bussy and there are some weeks when I can't talk to her. But everytime I see Nathalie again, it feels as if time had never passed, and we can talk for hours, or even the whole night ,or just hang round here or there having fun.

My friend and I get on really well, because we totally know each other. I trust her and she trusts me because we have grown up together, just like sisters. She is the best friend that has ever existed. She’s always there when I need her: to tell me off, to listen to me or just to cry with me if I’m sad. I love my friend, and my life wouldn’t be the same without her. She has been at my side in every important stage of my life, always in an inconditional way.

Nathalie definitely knows who I am, she knows me well. She belongs to that small and selective group of people who know everything about me. Nathalie is also a person who I really trust, a member of that restricted group of people, and I would do anything for her, like “putting my hands on fire ”and I know “I wouldn’t burn my hands”. That shows how much I trust her.


Hi classmates ! I think the question “why you decide to study geography?” Is very usual, and always I have troubles to answer, because is very difficult explain what is geography, and people have wrong ideas about this discipline.
I decided to study geography because I always liked the social sciences, especially history, but at the same time I liked the environmental problems like sustainable development. First I saw engineering careers in renewable natural resources, but they were very scientific and didn’t address the social issues. Then, I met the geographer Rodrigo Rocha, who was a very important person in my election process; because he helped me to take the decision show me the different areas that are within the geography.
I decided to study geography when I was 16 years old, and I have never regretted about my decision because I love the career, but in the second year I had troubles with the university of Chile and I thought to go to Catholic University, but finally I think University of Chile is the best.
Geography have so many areas! but I would like to work in ordering and planning, I hope I can do this in public service.
Good bye!