martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

I need go to Loondon !

Hi, how are you? I hope fine. Well, today I'm gonna talk about a good place in London. Is difficult to me talk about it, because I never have visit England.

But, when i read about different places, I really Like the British Museum

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Hi classmates, how are you? I Hope find :) . Today I will talking abou my favourite game when I was a child. When I remember my childhood one image come to my mind: the street, play all day in the street with my neighborhood friends.

One of my favourite games was jump on the bouncing ball or in the jumping pony, like in the video ! (an oto krauss comercial, otto kraus was an important toystore)

In my times (jaja, I'm so old) the kids played outdoor, no in computares like today. I really liked may older games, like: "The color chikens" " The Nations" " The Elastic" "Telex" " The poison bottle", etc. But my favourite game was " Tombo", I played all the time !!! whenever I Could !

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Five Lukas

Hello, how are you? I hope find. Well, definitely the greatest chilean of all time is NOT Gonzálo Cáceres. The greatest chilean of all time for me is Lucila Gody Alcayaga “Gabriela Mistral”

Gabriela mistral was an important writer and poet who won a nobel prize (one of the two chilean nobel prize winners). She was born on april 1889 and died on january 1957. She was not only a poet, she was too an important educator and diplomatic. She start teaching without professional title on a school in La Serena and to send contributions to the newspaper “El Coquimbo”. This shows the important spirit of social vocation of she, because she didn’t need a particulary study or obligation to participate in school and newspaper. She also developed a self-taught knowledge. After thar, she received the tittle of “Estate Teacher” without going to the Pedagogic institute of University of Chile. She was internationally recognized as a teacher, because the Mexican government requested her assistance to develop its education system.

She worked in many poor schools and became director of Numer 6 Highschool of Santiago. Gabriela mistral made great literary works with a strong critical and social meaning. She reflected her social vision through the poetry with beautiful metaphors. She also was secretary of one of the sections of League of Nations and of the institute of international cooperation. Gabriela was consul of Chile in Europe and Latin America cities.

I think the importance of Gabriela Mistral is her work like a teacher, her poetry was one of the forms to teach and show their world view, a way of reaching the social world.

She was pure appointment with chilean society and Great Poetry too: She was the first Latin american to win a Nobel Prize. Her literary work is inseparable of her social appointment. If I could ask anything to Gabriela Mistral I ask her: How contribute to solving the educational problems in Chile, in the context of neoliberal reforms? I’m sure she would have a good answer, a good proyect in her mind.
Goodbye classmathes!

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

oh yes, I want to be a TV star !

Hi people, how are you? I hope find =). Well, in this post I will talk about a perfect or ideal job.

Obviously if I can choose a job y would choose the job of a Geographer, because I love Geography... aja, no! it’s a joke. I really like geography, but if I could choose an ideal job I will choose something fun, easy and well paid.
The job I would choose would be: Host of Travels documentaries of beautiful places in all the world like the tv programs of National Geographic. I think every people who likes nature and travel, would like this job. I choose this job because I think is very fun: I can travel for all the world absolutely free!! I can know many interesting and beuaty places without paying for it! And I coul meet differents cultures and people of different kind of lifestyle. I think that would be an increible job because I could to things I like (things for today would pay) but I’d receive a salary!. Altough I not work all my life in this job. I think that job is great, but for a period of time, for a period of life. That is because I want to have a family, and family isn’t compatible with a job like this.

The nomadic life that involves a job like that, is not the only disadvantage, because although the job is “perfect”, I think that I need a job where I feel that I gave something to the world (to the people), and this job is a little individualistic, because I know I can do thing for the people and the common good through another job (like a geographer!).
That’s all, goodbye ¡


Hi geoblogers ! I like very much the topic of today: A famous person I would like to meet. I really like music,so many people of the rock world come to my mind, specially people of band of the seventies like Ian Gillan, John Lennon, Mark Farner, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and also people of contemporary bands like Bruce Dickinson, Chris Cornell, Brandon Boyd, Scott Weiland and specially Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters (one of my favorite bands).
But, there is one person I would have liked to know with all my heart: Robert Plant, the vocalist of Led Zeppelin.

I think Robert Plant is the best vocalist ever, in the history of rock. Many other musicians have been inspired by his musical work. I would like to know him because I like to ask him what is his perception of music, what means the music in his life and how started the creative process of Led zeppelin. I’d like to talk with Robert about so many song of led zeppelin that are a mystery to me. The music of led zeppelin is one of the most complex works in the history of rock music, because it contains many metaphors in its musical structure and lyrics. Every note, a very sound and every word, has a meaning.

For all of this, I think that meeting Robert Plant and have a conversation with him, must be one of the most incredible things in the world, he is a musical genius that marked a before and after in the history of rock. Moreover, if I have the possibility to hear him play and sing in the conversation, would be the best meeting ever!
… but.. this only a dream.

Enjoy Led Zeppelin!!!

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Another Perfect Day

Definitely my perfect day will be when Foo Fighter come to Santiago and give a show where they play all my favorites songs (Like everlong, generator, this is a call, word forward, wheels, resolve, learn to fly, times like these, and many others!) .

But.. that day is very distant, so I think is better to talk about a perfect and simple day at the same time.

In the past, I was think that my perfect day had been with someone particulary special for me and just the presence of this person would make the day perfect. But, with the time, I’ve learn that particulary person is not necesary, because the most simple things of the daily life can make perfect days.

For this, my perfect day will be alone or with any of my friends who likes the things I like to do. First of all, I will wake up early around 8 o’clock to go to some place with mountains to climb, like Cajón del Maipo. That can will be better if I can go biking. After that, i’d like to go to some place with water to swim, if the mountains are in the coast, the beach would be the perfect place !

Next, I will go to home to make lunch, but not any food. I like to eat meat or fish with many kind of differents salads. For the dessert ice cream would be sensational, in special flavors like mango, hazelnut, passion fruit and others.

In the afternoon, I ‘d like to enjoy the landscape, go to swim if I’m in the beach, go to walk around the city if I’m in Santiago.

Finally, in the evening I’d like to go to somewhere to listen to live music; jazz, blues or rock. If that isn’t possible, I’d like to be in any place when I can listen to good music; in house with friends, a a friend’s house, etc.

In conclusion, my perfect day must have: Natural landscape and activites in this landscape, good food, friends and music. That’s all that I Need.

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Santiago good Placess

Hi classmathes and persons who visit my blog, today I’m talking about good places to visit in Santiago.

First of all, I tell you that the places I have to recommend are principally places where you can go to enjoy natural landscapes. This is because I think that is very important, in a contaminated city like Santiago, to find some places to be free of smog and see the natural beauty of the city.

The historic old town in center is beautiful. The old buildings and their architecture must to be visited. For example "The Museum of beauty arts" , The Presidential Palace "La Moneda", The Central House of University of Chile, and many public buildings (the ministry, etc).

First of all, I think tourist should go to Hill Pochoco in Lo Barnechea to climb and enjoy the trekking and nature. From the top of the hill, the tourist can have a spectacular view of almost of everything in Santiago. A panoramic view.
hen, the tourist should go to the historic old town to visit the places I mentioned earlier, and after that they can go the restaurant “Los Buenos Muchachos” in Av. Ricardo Cumming 1031, to eat one of the best Chilean food.
inally, The tourist should visit the “Barrio Bellavista” because is the center of the nocturnal life in Santiago. In this place are so many places to: Take a drink, see live music, go to dance different kind of music (cumbia, reggeaton, electronic,salsa, etc) or just enjoy a good place with friends.
I recommend “Patio Bellavista” to take a drink and eat something special and after that go to Salsoteca “La Maestra Vida”.

In brief:
1- Cerro Pocho in the morning
2- Old town
3- Restaurant Los Buenos Muchachos
4- Patio Bellavista
5- Salsoteca Maestra Vida.
gOODbye !