martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

oh yes, I want to be a TV star !

Hi people, how are you? I hope find =). Well, in this post I will talk about a perfect or ideal job.

Obviously if I can choose a job y would choose the job of a Geographer, because I love Geography... aja, no! it’s a joke. I really like geography, but if I could choose an ideal job I will choose something fun, easy and well paid.
The job I would choose would be: Host of Travels documentaries of beautiful places in all the world like the tv programs of National Geographic. I think every people who likes nature and travel, would like this job. I choose this job because I think is very fun: I can travel for all the world absolutely free!! I can know many interesting and beuaty places without paying for it! And I coul meet differents cultures and people of different kind of lifestyle. I think that would be an increible job because I could to things I like (things for today would pay) but I’d receive a salary!. Altough I not work all my life in this job. I think that job is great, but for a period of time, for a period of life. That is because I want to have a family, and family isn’t compatible with a job like this.

The nomadic life that involves a job like that, is not the only disadvantage, because although the job is “perfect”, I think that I need a job where I feel that I gave something to the world (to the people), and this job is a little individualistic, because I know I can do thing for the people and the common good through another job (like a geographer!).
That’s all, goodbye ¡

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  1. good choice... one of my favourite ah ah !

  2. Hi Estefa!!!

    I think that this job is very interesting and fun!! i really like it!!

    I Love you ((K))

  3. I think this would be a fun job too.

  4. i think taht is one of the best jobs!
    I like it!

    I love you!