martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Another Perfect Day

Definitely my perfect day will be when Foo Fighter come to Santiago and give a show where they play all my favorites songs (Like everlong, generator, this is a call, word forward, wheels, resolve, learn to fly, times like these, and many others!) .

But.. that day is very distant, so I think is better to talk about a perfect and simple day at the same time.

In the past, I was think that my perfect day had been with someone particulary special for me and just the presence of this person would make the day perfect. But, with the time, I’ve learn that particulary person is not necesary, because the most simple things of the daily life can make perfect days.

For this, my perfect day will be alone or with any of my friends who likes the things I like to do. First of all, I will wake up early around 8 o’clock to go to some place with mountains to climb, like Cajón del Maipo. That can will be better if I can go biking. After that, i’d like to go to some place with water to swim, if the mountains are in the coast, the beach would be the perfect place !

Next, I will go to home to make lunch, but not any food. I like to eat meat or fish with many kind of differents salads. For the dessert ice cream would be sensational, in special flavors like mango, hazelnut, passion fruit and others.

In the afternoon, I ‘d like to enjoy the landscape, go to swim if I’m in the beach, go to walk around the city if I’m in Santiago.

Finally, in the evening I’d like to go to somewhere to listen to live music; jazz, blues or rock. If that isn’t possible, I’d like to be in any place when I can listen to good music; in house with friends, a a friend’s house, etc.

In conclusion, my perfect day must have: Natural landscape and activites in this landscape, good food, friends and music. That’s all that I Need.

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  1. jajajajajajajaa I´m totally agree, you DON´T NEED THAT PERSON for you perfect day!!

    I love youu

  2. I'm agree with you!
    Is innecesary.
    Kisses my estefa...1313.-..jajaj